Business consulting

The decision to implement SAP is not simple and it is not about improvement of information system. When a company invests in SAP it expects to achieve business process excellence through elimination of complex issues in its current organization and chaos in information flows. The achievement of business process excellence means clear strategy aligned with stable business processes supported by manageable information system.

In this situation decision to implement SAP presumes huge preparation job done by management of the company. If this job was successful management achieved:

  • Understanding of current problems in organization of business and its management system, its strategy and future potential.

  • Clear vision of future organizational structure, business processes, financial and management accounting techniques.

  • Realistic and fair requirements to information systems.

We propose consulting services to assist management in different activities required to prepare of a company to future SAP implementation. These services include:

  • Description and improvement of business processes.

  • Review of company’s strategy, processes and requirements to information systems against typical business processes delivered as SAP best practice or industry solution.

  • Development of financial and management accounting techniques which reflect fundamental approaches implemented in SAP.

As a result of our consulting services companies minimize risks hidden in doing together dramatic organizational change and substitution of corporate information system. The risk could be expressed in terms of many-years project with huge investment and continuously changing expectations. On the other hand, preparation helps to find right balance between SAP best practices and unique processes which required to be worked out to assist company’s strategy in the long-term.

Preparation of a company to SAP implementation requires deep understanding o f business and SAP, its best practices and experiences of other companies. This job is done by our SAP consultants, methodologies and auditors.