Professional skills, efficient organization and technology is something important for success of a company or a  project. Still all of us understand mostly success depends on people. Recruiting of management & accounting professional who brings value and stays for a long time could be a difficult issue. To identify at right time SAP expert with right experience, knowledge and creative abilities and guarantee his or her involvement in the project is a much more difficult task.

As professional service provider in the area of development corporate information systems, progressive management and accounting techniques, professional trainings and educational programs we deal with:

  • Professional associations of accountants and auditors,
  • Leading audit and consulting companies,
  • Major Russian business schools.

As a recruiting company we specialize on financial and management accounting professionals, SAP consultants, SAP project managers. And stable professional network is our major differentiator from a wide range of recruiting companies operating in Russia. Our recruiting services are based on a combination of standard techniques aimed to select more or less suitable candidates and in-depth assessment of mentality and psychology, professional experience and skills, expected results and real potential of candidates. All these we consider as an art.

To minimize involvement of our customers to recruiting process we emphasis on:

  • Professional understanding of tasks and results expected from candidates.
  • Review of the employer’s culture, values and organization.
  • In-depth systematic assessment of professional experience and abilities of candidates.
  • Complex estimation of professional skills, psychology and culture of candidate.
  • Gathering information useful in understanding true history and recommendations.