Statement 1137 - New Russian legal requirements for accounting of VAT



From 2012, all companies in the Russian Federation shall maintain a record of invoices for the new rules.
The procedure for filling in the registration books of purchases, sales, and in the log. New forms:
  • VAT Invoice,
  • Revised VAT invoice,
  • Correction VAT invoice.
To modify original invoice is now impossible. Now there are two new processes should be used instead of the old way of changes / fixes:
Revised invoices should be used in case of errors in original VAT invoice.
Сorrective VAT invoice should be used in case of agreed changes in the price or quantity of goods.
SAP provide solution for both types of VAT invoices. However, there are some subtleties in setting up and in the process using the new solution.
Our company for years successfully worked to implement the new requirements in the companies using a new version of ERP 6.0 and previous versions (4.xx).
We offer fast and accurately adjust and if necessary, modify the new forms, and  also conduct the necessary user trainings (accounting, purchasing and sales).
Resolution 1137 of 26.12.2011