Application Maintenance and Support (AMS)

The purpose of AMS (application maintenance and support) service is operative registration, management and resolution of any issues in SAP software.

 In general AMS for users include:

  • Registration of end users requests.
  • Classification of end users requests based on effect they have on company's operation and effect on corporate template.
  • Distribution to functional consultants.
  • Changes in SAP software in time interval agreed in AMS contract.
  • Delivery of end user manuals and technical documentation.

INSAP service desk is available to end users 24 hours per day.

Based on customer requirements our service desk could be integrated to Solution Manager and represent a part of corporate AMS process.

We assign personal manager to every customer who is responsible for management all requests and administration of Service Desk.

Our manager assists company in management its issues, prepares individual and periodic reports and could answer any questions in operative and friendly way.


SAP special features

Based on our experience with local Russian divisions of international companies we provide both limited AMS of local SAP functionality and ongoing AMS for all SAP modules used by local division (MM, SD, PP, CO-PC, CO, FI). All changes we do in SAP are firstly reviewed from effect they have on corporate SAP template and secondly agreed with headquarter. We know how to explain end user requirements in clear way with reference to local legislation and find rational solution which is most suitable to template requirements.